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“Immunisation and travel health training to educate, support and empower healthcare services. Face-to-face and online courses in immunisations from the most innovative healthcare training in the UK.”

Led by one of the UK’s most inspiring voices in vaccinations, immunisation courses and travel health, Katy Peters, RIVA is proudly breaking new ground in providing top-quality immunisation training and travel health courses that redefine what it means to support healthcare workers on the frontline of a post-COVID world.
Whether you’re an industry expert in need of some immunisation update training or a newly qualified nurse, we provide you with long-lasting support and an innovative learning experience. 

Comprehensive education that captivates the imagination is what we aim for. With our range of experienced nurses who love to share their passion for immunisation courses for healthcare, we pride ourselves on building confidence in everyone who wants to learn.

For immunisation and travel health training online or in-person, RIVA is waiting to reignite your passion for helping others. Come to learn. Leave inspired!

Why Choose RIVA?

As an aid worker for Médecins sans frontières (Doctors Without Borders), Katy Peters was on the frontline of emergency mass vaccination campaigns for diseases like measles and cholera.

This experience compelled her to attend the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow, where she studied travel health and was awarded the Cameron Lockie Prize for academic excellence.

London Vaccination Clinic

Katy Peters is also the founder of The London Vaccination Clinic, a nurse-led private health company with clinics across Central London, working to connect and protect people who travel.

Other accomplishments

  • Received a distinction at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Founder of the Online Global Vaccination Summit.
  • Former Chair of the British Global Travel Health Association.

With RIVA, your immunisation and travel health training is provided by like-minded professionals who appreciate what you do every day and understand the difficulties in your line of work.

“I want to inspire and motivate healthcare workers. With RIVA, we’ve created a community to support and encourage them during difficult times. Everyone I teach, I give them my personal email. They can ask me anything.”

Katy Peters


We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to our training, whether it’s providing updates for experts or empowering nurses who are new to immunisation training. Either way, we understand that immunisation and travel health training can feel overwhelming and confusing.
It’s why we offer a simple and straightforward approach that’s catered to your specific needs to encourage and inspire the very best out of your staff. Here are just a few of the industries and organisations we’ve worked with:

  • NHS Services
  • GP Practices
  • Occupational Health (both NHS and private)
  • Corporate Institutions
  • Maternal Health Organisations
  • The Ministry of Defence

Through a considerate approach, we’ve also provided immunisation update courses and training for individuals within these organisations, in addition to civilians such as lifeguards, individual carers, and more.

Popular courses at RIVA

Travel health

We offer travel health update training in line with the RCN Travel health nursing, career and competence development. We also offer a two-day travel health course for professionals and the general public who are new to travel and/or wish to run a travel clinic within the NHS or privately.

Immunisation training for healthcare professionals (includes childhood imms and B12)

We offer immunisation theory and practice training to those who are new to the subject on our comprehensive two-day course. 

In addition to this, RIVA provides annual update courses for those already in practice. All courses are in line with the immunisation training standards for healthcare practitioners.

All RIVA courses offer a deeper perspective that strives to give you more than just a rudimentary look at the practicals of immunisation. 

Through a holistic approach that’s delivered by innovative and impassioned instructors, we look into the facts, the emotional intent behind vaccine discussions with apprehensive patients, and more.

Why RIVA Loves to Educate

Why are we so driven to inspire and amplify the voices of the world’s healthcare professionals? Let’s just say that Katy Peters leads by example! 

Her decades of experience and unconventional approach has given her public speaking engagements a reputation for being immersive, inspirational, and unforgettable.


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Katy is simply the best immunisation trainer in the Industry.

“A force to be reckoned with in the world of immunisation and travel health.”

We teach what we preach, so if you are uninspired following your first session with Katy? 

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